Comment: Trends in adventure touring

Saul Burrows, global head of product at Topdeck Travel reveals booking trends for 2018

It’s no shock that far-flung destinations such as New Zealand and Australia remain popular amongst UK holidaymakers as they look for sunshine and thrill-seeking experiences, our 2018 booking data shows that travel-obsessed millennials are now searching in their droves for more cultural and authentic experiences with Japan on the rise as a hot new destination.

Along with Japan, Iceland and Canada remain firm favourites for 2018 bookings. With an exciting blend of traditional and ultra-modern sights in Tokyo, temples and geishas in Kyoto and amazing culinary delights in Osaka, it’s no surprise that the Land of the Rising Sun is starting to attract attention. Japan also promises surprise with offerings including skiing and a huge 18 World Heritage Sites.

Topdeck’s newest Japan trip is the Japan Express. This 7-day trip from Tokyo to Osaka blends a mix of traditional and ultra-modern in Tokyo, temples and geishas in Kyoto and culinary delights for days in Osaka. Robot bars, too-big-for-the-bowl udon, and a visit to Hakone with a view of Mt. Fuji will introduce you to the land known for its down-to-the-second precision.

Top booked trips in 2018

1. Kiwi Encounter (New Zealand)
2. Tropical Adventure (Australia)
3. Japan Highlights (Japan)
4. Iceland Summer (Iceland)
5. The Big Easy (Miami to LA)

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