Denmark sweeps away all Covid travel curbs

All Covid travel restrictions for entering Denmark were lifted yesterday (Tuesday).

Covid-related requirements for testing or self-isolation when travelling to Denmark have been relaxed.

The Foreign Office updated its travel advice to confirm the removal of all Covid-19 entry restrictions for the country.

Denmark has become the first EU nation to abolish all restrictions related to the pandemic in a move echoing the UK.

Travellers are no longer obliged to wear face masks or use Covid vaccination certificates in order to enter bars, restaurants and other indoor venues.

Danish health minister Magnus Heunicke reportedly said: “No one can know what will happen next December.

“But we promised the citizens of Denmark that we will only have restrictions if they are truly necessary, and we’ll lift them as soon as we can. That’s what’s happening right now.”

However, Danish authorities still have the option of applying travel restrictions at short notice should the international situation with the virus change, including future variants.