Exodus makes ‘Nature Net Positive’ pledge

Exodus Travels is building on its green credentials by setting itself the goal of becoming ‘nature net positive’ by 2024.

This means the operator will reduce the negative impacts that its trips have on natural ecosystems – such as emissions, waste and pollution – and it will “proactively seek to support nature’s restoration and regeneration”.

The adventure specialist has already committed to halve its carbon footprint by 2030, rewild 100 square metres of land per passenger, and to compensate for all trip and flight emissions.

Sam Seward, managing director of Exodus Travels, said: “Our global society is waking up to the reality that we’re not just facing climate crisis, but accelerated biodiversity loss – and the two exacerbate each other.

“As a business we want to acknowledge our responsibility to not only minimise our negative impacts, but proactively support the conservation and restoration of our natural world.

“The launch of our partnership with Rewilding Europe earlier this year was our first step.

“Now we’re making our Nature Net Positive commitment, in order to start taking concrete, measurable steps towards ensuring our adventures give more back to nature than they take.”

Exodus Travels is working with NatureMetrics, a provider of biodiversity monitoring data,  and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to support the eBioAtlas initiative.

The eBioAtlas scheme aims to monitor biodiversity in different areas around the world, to map the distribution of species and contribute to global knowledge of ecosystems through genetics and technology.

From 2023, Exodus Travels will enable clients to collect samples on their trips, to help support conservation action and inform world biodiversity policy.

Kasia Morgan, head of sustainability at Exodus Travels, added: “As an adventure travel company with a mission to improve life for people, places and planet, we’re excited to work with NatureMetrics in equipping our clients to collect freshwater samples on their global adventures, enabling us to use our business model to contribute towards this crucial work for the long-term conservation and restoration of biodiversity.”

In July, Exodus introduced a walking tour which showcased a rewilding project being carried out by the operator.

The Rewilding in the Italian Apennines tour visits an area that Exodus is rewilding in partnership with Rewilding Europe through the Nature and Carbon Corridors project (pictured).

Photo: Bruno D’Amicis/Rewilding Europe