Explore builds own Iceland yurt camp

Explore is building a yurt camp in Iceland to offer competitively priced trips in the country and has launched a “market-leading” incentive programme.

The adventure specialist bought land in Iceland and is constructing its own yurt camp on the site, close to Gullfoss waterfalls and Strokkur Geyser, for its tour groups to stay at.

Managing director Joe Ponte said: “It will be a full-service camp, open year-round on a working horse farm which is home to 150 horses.“

It will offer a competitive price point for the destination. Iceland is very popular but quite expensive, so this enabled us to create something quite unique.”

The yurt camp is expected to be on sale within a month and will feature three and four-day trips. Lead-in prices will be announced soon.

Explore’s new incentive rewards agents who book five or more passengers between June and December, and offers a choice of destinations to visit. The operator says this differs from traditional fam trips on confirmed dates for a limited number of agents.

Ponte said: “We love rewarding travel agents and are really excited to launch this new, market‑leading, agent incentive.“

It is incredibly simple. Once an agent books just five passengers on any Explore trips, they get to choose the trip they would like to do up to a duration of nine days. In addition, if the agent wants to take a companion, that person will also get 30% off. We are 100% ramping up trade business with our new incentive and products.”

Explore appointed Ben Ittensohn as its new global head of sales in January to bolster trade support.