G Adventures gives agents scope to tailor-make tours

G Adventures has created a new range of TailorMade options in 11 destinations to cater for increased demand from agents for customised travel.

Tours can be put together for trips to Botswana, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador (including Galapagos), India, Laos, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Two or three sample itineraries, priced from £719 per person for a seven-day Bangkok to Chiang Mai Express tour, are available for each destination as inspiration for the bespoke requests. Prices will vary as trips are customised, including transportation, accommodation, meals, activities and budget.

G Adventures is expanding its sales team and assigning specialists to work with agents and customers to design itineraries.

Senior marketing and product vice-president Jeff Russill said: “G Adventures’ new TailorMade trips tap into the current zeitgeist and the public’s growing interest in being able to ‘choose your own adventure’. Until now, we have only been able to provide travellers with a duplicate of an existing G Adventures itinerary.”

TailorMade was developed after a G Adventures survey of more than 450 agents globally found that 84% reported an increase in requests for tailor-made travel and private tours.

Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, said there was a gap in the market for affordable and mid-range tailor-made travel.

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