G Adventures delays Page & Moy relaunch

G Adventures has delayed the relaunch of heritage brand Page & Moy to 2020 due to market uncertainty caused by Brexit.

The touring and adventure operator acquired Page & May and Swan Hellenic in an auction after buying the assets of failed operator All Leisure Group, which collapsed in January 2017.

Speaking to Travel Weekly during G Adventures’ Change Makers Summit in Peru, founder Bruce Poon Tip said: “We were ready for a big launch this September and we’ve done a ton of work on a new and exciting programme for Page & Moy, but we’ve pushed it back because of the issues that the market is having with Brexit, it’s not a good time to launch a new product.”

The operator made the decision to delay the launch in March, citing a “Brexit freeze of the customer”.

Poon Tip said: “We’ve seen a huge bounceback in business, so we pushed the relaunch off to 2020, it’s a fluid situation right now and were just looking for the right time for the market to come back and we’ve seen really great signs over the last six weeks.”

G Adventures has just concluded its inaugural Change Makers Summit in Peru, where 127 top-performing travel agents and G Adventures staff from around the world came together to learn more about its products and experience aspects of its programmes.