Intrepid Travel is to run more fam trips and webinars next year among a flurry of new trade initiatives.

The adventure tour operator kicked off its activities by sending agents marketing assets for the upcoming peaks period. These include blog posts and promotional images

Andrew Turner, head of industry sales for Intrepid Travel, said: “It’s content that they can share easily so they can capitalise on the opportunities available.

“A lot of customers book direct with us, so by using these assets it’s a good way for customers to know that they can book our products through agents.”

The operator will be holding a global fam trip in late February on adventure cruising in Thailand.

Turner encouraged agents to mark their interest in the trip on Facebook page Intrepid Loves Agents.

He added that Intrepid is also “looking at operating a family fam trip, a women-only expedition trip and potentially a food tour and a vegan food tour.”

Turner said the operator plans more webinars for agents. “We can record them and send them out to everyone,” he said. “It’s a great way to get in front of everyone and there will be more of this next year.

“We will continue to do store training, but we can only get out to so many stores. Webinars let us increase that reach and they are great for homeworkers.”