Intrepid unveils brand refresh and new company vision

Intrepid Travel has unveiled its first brand refresh in 15 years and outlined a new vision focused on empowering communities, protecting the planet and creating a more equitable experience for travellers.

The adventure tour operator, which has B Corporation status, has also revealed a new global portfolio of travel experiences designed to bring the company’s renewed purpose to life – as well as a new-look logo.

It has also introduced a product statement for the first time, focusing on ‘Sustainable, Experience-Rich Travel’.

Intrepid says this statement acknowledges “sustainability and travel are not mutually exclusive” and that “Intrepid believes traveling in a way that empowers communities and protects the planet creates a better experience for travellers.”

A video announcement from the company says its “mission has never been more important”.

Chief executive James Thornton said: “Intrepid’s new brand identity is so much more than a new logo and look.

“We’ve reflected on the past 18 months and leveraged our strengths, purpose and ambition to look to a brighter future.”

Trips in Intrepid’s revamped portfolio have a renewed focus on wildlife and environmental conservation, disability support, preservation of indigenous and minority cultural traditions, gender equality and empowerment, as well as skills training and education.

Of the 880 multi-day tours Intrepid Travel offers, more than 20% (200 tours) didn’t exist before March 2020.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, new trips have been introduced in more than 50 countries, including more walking tours, a collection of higher-end Premium adventures, and a range of domestic tours in key source markets, such as the UK.

The company says its vision is ‘changing the way we all see the world’, and vowed to focus on “building a more human and inclusive brand”. This, it says, is a “subtle but important” change from ‘changing the way people see the world’

Intrepid has launched a Global Ethical Marketing Policy and is to provide Ethical Marketing Guidelines created in collaboration with experts in areas like BIPOC travel, LGBTQIA+, size inclusivity, and modern colonialism.

Under this new policy, Intrepid has made more than 20 commitments which will reported on annually, such as having at least 50% of its partner creators and influencers from the BIPOC community, creating size inclusive resources for travelers, and publishing a minimum of five stories on its blog centered around the truth of the impact of colonisation.

Intrepid says its “revamped purpose as a company has evolved to benefit both people and the planet” and “builds on” its “long-standing track record as a leading sustainable, ethical tour operator”.

It became the first tour operator in the world with verified science-based climate targets in October 2020, open-sourced a decarbonization guide and animal welfare toolkit for other travel companies to implement in their own operations and plans to recertify as the world’s largest travel B Corp in December 2021.

Intrepid has also embedded gender equality into its 7-point climate action plan and has created a new email address – – so the public can hold the company accountable, bringing any potential non-inclusive issues to the attention of its staff to address and improve upon.

It’s overall ‘mission’ is: ‘To create positive change through the joy of travel’ and aims to “prove that what makes travel fun can also make it responsible”.

By 2025, Intrepid Travel aims to become the first $1 billion dollar adventure travel company and travel B Corp.

In early 2021, the company announced a strategic partnership with France-based investment company Genairgy, which will facilitate the business’ growth strategy in four key areas including digital transformation, product innovation, market expansion and purpose initiatives.

Intrepid is also pursuing several partnerships and acquisitions with responsibly minded travel and hospitality companies to expand its portfolio and offerings over the next several years.

Last week the company announced its acquisition of Haka Tours, an Auckland-based travel company that offers trips and travel styles with a focus on authentic cultural experiences of Aotearoa New Zealand.