National Travel Agent Day: Intrepid Travel calls for ‘social media buzz’ to thank agents

Intrepid Travel’s EMEA boss hopes to create a “big social media buzz” to thank the trade for its support on National Travel Agent Day.

EMEA managing director Zina Bencheikh called on the travel sector to pay tribute to travel agents because of the “challenging” climate in which they are operating.

Speaking on a Travel Weekly webcast, she said: “I want to feel that agents are being recognised and feeling valued because they are extremely valued in our industry.

“The recognition that travel agents are a really important part of our industry.”

She admitted that travel agents had faced “many challenges” in recent months.

“It is important to remember this day is here to recognise the importance of working with a travel agent because in these times they will have your back,” she added.

“They will support you, they will rebook you, they will get you a refund and you get you anything that you need to know about travel.”

Bencheikh pointed to agents to highlight how Intrepid had grown as a business. “[NTAD] is an opportunity to thank them,” she said.

She encouraged the trade to post on social media channels, using the hashtag #NTAD.

In the build-up to National Travel Agent Day, Intrepid has offered 60% off small group adventurers for travel agents and a 40% discount for agents’ children on family small group tours.

Intrepid Travel is also giving away trips to Nepal, Turkey, Australia and the UK – spelling the acronym NTAD – to the trade today (July 22) as part of its initiative programme for the third National Travel Agent Day.

The adventure tour operator outlined how agents can win each of the four prizes that include flights for the overseas trips on its Intrepid Loves Agents Facebook page.

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