Saga adds Covid-19 cover to travel insurance

Treatment abroad for Covid-19 and repatriation to the UK is being included as standard as part of Saga travel insurance policies.

The over-50s specialist has added the cover to help customers feel more comfortable about travelling once the government advice changes to say that it is safe to do so.

The cover has been added across both standalone travel insurance products and the optional cover offered to all Saga holiday and cruise customers.

The policy update will compensate and care for customers should they fall ill with coronavirus while travelling outside the UK, including those with underlying health conditions.

The changes have been introduced as the UK eases lockdown to provide customers with certainty over plans for future travel.

It came as Saga said almost three quarters of customers would be unlikely to take out travel insurance if it did not cover Covid-19 risks.

The move coincided with the start of trade consultation on Covid-19 travel insurance cover led by Rock Insurance.

Saga pledged to continue to review its policy to ensure customers receive significant value from the cover.

Customer feedback “will be central” to further Saga policy updates.

Saga Health and Travel Insurance head of product Kevin McMullan said: “Understandably, the current crisis has put travel plans on hold for many people.

“However, with the UK’s strict lockdown measures beginning to lift, more people may be planning both exciting and much needed trips away over the coming months.

“We recognise that this may be a daunting process, particularly for customers with underlying health concerns. We want to give people the confidence and reassurance that if they were to fall ill abroad, we’re there to help and get them back home safely.

“We’re continuing to review and innovate our products to ensure they work as well as they can for our customers.

“However, we know the impact of coronavirus is far-reaching.”