Saga Holidays unveils brand refresh to boost ‘silver traveller’ appeal

Saga has unveiled a brand refresh to boost its appeal to a new breed of ‘silver traveller’.

A new logo featuring a new tagline ‘Keep Doing’ will feature on all Saga travel products from this week, including holidays and cruises, before being rolled-out group-wide in the coming months.

Managing director of Saga Holidays Maria Whiteman said: “Saga has got high brand awareness but had low brand appeal. If you mention it to people they say ‘I’m not old enough to travel with Saga’.”

She said the company had carried out extensive research and found people in their fifties and sixties were very different and much more active to people in those same age groups ten years ago.

“Our view of ageing has changed. It’s gradual, not an event. People really want to go off and explore, not wind down.”

She said the “fresher and younger” branding was about “driving beliefs that you can keep doing what you were doing and more”.

“The logo is much cleaner and not as old fashioned. It’s more coherent with people in their fifties and sixties.”

Saga Magazine and the Saga Holidays website will also feature the new logo from this week, with the latter using more user-generated content to show “active and healthy” customers enjoying a Saga holiday.

The brand refresh coincides with the launch of Saga’s summer expanded 2018 programme, which includes the release of four new brochures featuring more active itineraries.

All holidays will now include insurance, flights from 27 regional airports, free wifi on all European Unwind holidays, zero credit card fees and deposits of £75.

Saga is also developing a dedicated agent website due to launch in the first half of next year.