Trafalgar and Costsaver make responsible tourism excursion pledge

Sister brands Trafalgar and Costsaver have committed to offer at least one ‘Make Travel Matter Experience’ on each tour by 2023.

Currently about 35% of itineraries offer Make Travel Matter Experiences, which offer clients the option of a responsible travel excursion that encourages community or environmental benefit.

Endorsed by industry experts, they are directly tied to UN Global Goals, and are developed only for Trafalgar and related brands.

Current experiences include visiting a turtle conservancy, watching a demonstration of traditional weaving (pictured) and seeing an organic farming community.

Gemma Myhill, global marketing manager and sustainability officer for Trafalgar, said: “The Trafalgar team is well versed in making a difference through support for local communities.

“We’re constantly being challenged to think ‘outside the box’ and to ensure doing good is at the forefront of everything we do.

“Our CEO Gavin Tollman encouraged our team to rethink our commitment to Goal 7 of our How We Tread Right strategy [which was] to ensure that we included at least one Make Travel Matter Experience on 50% of all our itineraries by 2025.

“He asked us if we could do better. This World Tourism Day we are thrilled to announce that both Trafalgar and Costsaver will ensure that there is at least one Make Travel Matter Experience offered on all of our trips by 2023.

“This will be an incredible step toward tourism for inclusive growth with each of these experiences measured against rigorous criteria to ensure they provide positive social or environmental impacts for local communities as well as educating our guests who experience them.

“With this change, not only will our guests continue to have incredibly rich experiences when they tour with us, but they will also know their travels will meaningfully give back to local communities, wildlife and the planet, no matter the destination they choose.”

Trafalgar and Costsaver are both part of The Travel Corporation.