Traveltek flags revamp of dynamic packaging tech for agents

Major enhancements are planned for Traveltek’s dynamic packaging solutions as part of a drive to improve the user experience for travel agency clients.

The firm will soon unveil a range of “game-changing” improvements to its booking platforms as it turns its focus from functionality to usability.

The plans are part of ongoing consultation with the travel industry, which led to the introduction of the CruiseNX next-generation cruise booking solution in November.

Global sales director Peter Whittle said: “Our dynamic packaging solutions are world leading, but it’s time to take them to the next level and trade feedback to date has been loud and clear – agents want technology that’s easy to use and understand and to make bookings in fewer clicks.

“In essence, they want a B2C experience in their B2B environment.

“Improving the user experience boosts engagement and drives more sales and over the course of 2018, we will be revealing some game-changing enhancements to our technology that will achieve this, making the booking and packaging process more intuitive than ever before.”

He added: “The evolution of our technology also takes into account that it is being increasingly used by a younger demographic who are more tech savvy.

“Today’s travel agents are millennials who are accustomed to performing all online tasks in just a few clicks and Traveltek is meeting the needs of this new generation with solutions that tick all the right boxes – fast, efficient and perceptive.

“When you combine the multiple enhancements CruiseNX delivers with our unrivalled content, dynamic packaging tool with flight and hotel options that creates unique itineraries, plus multi-currency and multi-language capabilities to offer global coverage, we are taking a major leap forward in helping the industry drive more cruise sales via all distribution channels.

“The next logical step is to look at how we can apply this next-gen model across all of our leisure booking platforms.”