Wendy Wu to offer new service as China introduces e-visas

Wendy Wu Tours has introduced a new service to help the trade as China switches to e-visa forms from April.

From April 3, no handwritten visa applications will be accepted by the Chinese Embassy for trips to the country. This represents a drastic change as almost all visa forms for travel to China are currently handwritten.

The Chinese specialist operator is hoping to raise awareness in the trade of the imminent change in the visa regulations and has worked with the embassy to put the new online visa forms on its website.

These forms are pre-completed by Wendy Wu, leaving only the personal details and travel details to be filled in by agents on behalf of clients or by customers direct.

Brian Hynes, operations manager, said: “We know this new legislation will be problematic for agents and customers and so we’ve made the application process very easy by taking care of all the complexity in advance and creating a very simple online form which only requires customers to complete their personal travel information and contact details.”

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